Dora Damjanović

Acquired academic knowledge by completing her undergraduate studies in International Relations and Diplomacy, and obtaining a Master of Science degree in International Relations from the renowned King’s College London.

Researcher at the World Academy of Sciences and Arts: Conducted interdisciplinary research in India, contributing to academic publications and generating deep insights.

Assistant at the United Nations: Collaborated with UN organizations, developing, implementing, and evaluating projects while conducting thorough document reviews.

Founder of the Youth Leadership Network: Established partnerships with the UN and civil society, organizing international conferences and fostering youth leadership.

Creative Director at Trash GXNG: Utilized artistic talents to anticipate market demand, increasing product sales for a sustainable fashion brand in London.
Intern at the European Parliament: Contributed to sustainability research and facilitated collaboration with non-profit organizations.

Public Relations Manager for the United Nations campaign “Human Security for All”: Developed communication strategies, increasing media coverage and managing diverse events and social media campaigns.

Engagement with the World Academy of Art and Science: Recognized as a young member, reflecting expertise and dedication to exploring new perspectives in science and art.

Additionally, she is the founder of the sustainable fashion brand “Farabuto”.