They say art is the expression of an idea, an emotion and the bigger picture – world’s view. We could not agree more. With that said, we expressed our creative skill in a form of a material called Plant skin. 

An innovative material that contributes to the community and the Planet with the implementation of circular economy, and more than 1000kg of repurposed waste yearly. A material that is not only sustainable, but durable too.

Also, because of growing concerns for textile industry’s carbon footprint and its role in global warming, we partner with companies who aim to offset their own negative impact. With our green sourcing and production, Plant Skin has 40x lower carbon footprint than animal leather and half as much carbon footprint than synthetic leather.

Apart from big corporations, you can also contribute to global warming awareness and individual impact by measuring and keeping track of your own carbon footprint by clicking the link below and also by incorporating small daily habits from our previous blog!

Carbon footprint personal measure: