Creating global change one step at a time

YLN is a global NGO which aims to connect young leaders, activists and field experts to organisations and projects to increase youth’s active participation in the decision-making processes leading to solution-based strategies for the realisation of the Sustainable Developments Goals. With a wide range of activities, YLN strives to prepare young generations of leaders for the challenges of the new VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

YLN promotes youth participation in the major international scientific conferences in the name of a cross-cultural, inter-generational partnership intended at involving all stakeholders in an integrated and value-based dialogue.

Engages youth from around the world in a unique way by allowing them to explore different topics and exchange ideas, while simultaneously recommending changes and initiatives to influential experts and decision-makers.

Our Vision – Transform the outdated way of thinking and acting, prepare young generation (leaders) for the challenges of a new VUCA world such as Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Break the illusion under which humans perceive themselves as separated from nature and turn our profit-oriented economies into human-oriented ones.

Our Mission – Extend a global youth network in order to connect the efforts of youth movements for strengthen our advocacy strategies to support the Sustainable Developments Goals.

Our Strategy: Extend our network globally through setting up new local civil social organizations or unite existed one’s under the auspices of the World Academy of Art and Science.

Our Core Values


We are willing to search actively for evidence against one’s favored beliefs, plans, or goals in order to constantly develop ourselves and give our own evaluation of occurred event. We do not want to keep hidden information for others. Everybody has the right to participate on an equal basis. We believe that different points of view can achieve the best results and create meaningful discussions.

Spirit of the adventure

We are ready to try new, take risk, evolve by trial and error. Courage, curiosity and responsibility are necessary features to overcome critical issues and evolve both as individuals and as a group


Towards ourselves and the others we work with. We want to develop the capacity to place ourselves in another’s position. This will enable us to resolve conflicts, to build a more productive team and to improve our relationships with all the people we will be connecting with.


Peace & Security

Science & Tech

Education & Global Development

Health & Wellbeing

Ecology & Climate Change